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Timotrans -  Freight forwarder to Confucius

The path is the goal.

Nowhere else has this wisdom more weight than at Timotrans. We already established transport in and out of the former Yugoslavia shortly after we were founded. A path that seemed impossible in the mid-1980s for all other German freight forwarding companies.

Timotrans' success story goes back over 30 years and in this time we have explored many new paths. Freight after freight we have developed, expanded and strengthened our expertise. So from Eastern Bloc specialist we have become an expert for the whole of Europe.

Facts & figures 2019

10.8 million euros annual turnover
29 employees
16,046 shipments
162,420 loading metres
149,862 tons

Together with our wealth of experience, our reliability and punctual delivery have led to many well-known companies and freight forwarders placing their trust in us. Here are just a few examples:

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It is not enough simply to know HOW the wind blows. You also have to know exactly WHERE it must go and WHAT it can carry.

Arlinda Musa, Trainee, Scheduling

Only unvarnished competence leads to many years of customer loyalty.

Jens Müller, General Manager

Work is only fun when you do it well. And we have tons of fun.

Jadranko Bajic, Planner